UTU and Unstoppable Domains Partner to ensure Web 3 Identity and Trust go hand-in-hand

What is Unstoppable Domains?

How will UTU and unstoppable domains work together to unite web 3 identity and trust?

“The combination of Unstoppable Domains NFT domains and UTU’s AI models will help develop new products and services for the continent of Africa, allowing users to maintain and control privacy of their data. This partnership is perfectly aligned and represents an opportunity to drive growth together. The UTU team has been so supportive of UD’s mission, and we are excited to work together to improve both of our products and give control of their own data back to the users.

“UTU and Unstoppable Domains share a belief in returning the power of the internet to the people. I’ve always made a distinction between identity and trust. Identity is the answer to the question ‘who are you?,’ something UD specializes in. UTU specialises in trust, the answer to the question, ‘who are you in relation to me?’. It’s great to celebrate that alignment with this big gift from UD to the UTU Trust Guardian family.

About Unstoppable Domains

About UTU



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