UTU and Openfabric Partner to Integrate Trust Infrastructure into Their AI Ecosystem and Explore Data Sharing

What is Openfabric?

How will UTU and Openfabric work together?

Openfabric envisions new ecosystems where humans will create amazing things by utilising AI technology. In this context, the trust provided by UTU is an essential factor in ensuring the stability and equilibrium of these ecosystems. We are super enthusiastic about our synergetic partnership essential for the quality of AI services transacted on the Openfabric.

“UTU and Openfabric share many beliefs, such as: 1) AI plays a massively important role in today’s tech and business landscape, 2) data is of utmost importance, and 3) an open, transparent marketplace is the best way to access these tools. This is why we’re so excited to partner with them to increase trust in their decentralized AI platform and explore the many ways we can collaborate.”

About Openfabric

About UTU



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