UTU and Evai to integrate signals, unlock 360 degree decision support

We will work with Evai.io to reciprocally share our signals with each other to enable comprehensive trust for end users as they try to make the best informed decisions about digital assets.

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Hello UTU Trust Guardians!

We are excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with Evai.io to reciprocally share our signals with each other to enable comprehensive trust and decision support for end users of web 3 as they try to make the best informed decisions about digital assets. Read on to learn more about how we’ll collaborate.

What is Evai?

Crypto. It’s one of the most intriguing investment opportunities in the world, but can be one of the most convoluted when first starting your crypto journey. That’s why Evai.io have developed a completely unbiased crypto ratings platform, which evaluates cryptoassets and assigns a rating, to help you start investing with minimum risk. Through Evai.io you can identify highly rated cryptoassets utilising unbiased AI technology, track your entire portfolio, increase your knowledge of the crypto market and shortly even purchase the native EV token with your VISA card as easily as purchasing cinema tickets!

The team at Evai.io have developed a proven AI and machine learning technology that continually evaluates over 1,000 cryptoassets and awards them unbiased ratings from A1 down to U.

The Evai A1 rating (“A1”) denotes cryptoassets of the highest technical and quantitative characteristics. B rating refers to assets that have a solid composition, while C rated assets are below average, and the lower categories of D and U relate to cryptoassets that are distressed or unrateable due to a lack of fundamental data needed to process a rating accurately.

Users can design their own intuitive dashboards using the metrics and indicators that matter most to them –identifying value and minimising risk with unbiased and actionable insights.

Evai.io unlocks greater profits for experienced traders and gives newcomers the confidence to trade using the ratings as a guide to finding value in the crypto market.

How will UTU and Evai work together?

UTU and Evai’s collaboration is mutually beneficial for each of our respective users; we will work together in two main ways:

  1. Making Evai’s signals available via the UTU Trust API and DeFi Portal
  2. Making UTU Signals available in the Evai Dashboard

Making Evai’s signals available via the UTU Trust API and Defi Portal

Evai’s unbiased cryptoasset ratings are built on Nobel prize-winning research and add another dimension of depth and trust to the signals UTU will be able to show users when the UTU trust API is queried to inform a user about a particular digital asset. UTU will also make Evai’s signals available to users directly in our DeFi portal, which is slated for major increases in functionality in the near future.

Making UTU Signals available in the Evai Dashboard

UTU’s AI-driven network trust signals are based on the foundations of human trust — interpersonal relationships, plus context. UTU combines social signals (token endorsements, on-chain feedback, and wallet interactions) with signals about transparency and authenticity to help users make the best informed decisions possible. Integration of UTU’s signals on the Evai Dashboard will offer Evai users and even more comprehensive view of the assets they are considering.

“The amazing collaboration between Evai and UTU showcases and delivers benefits that unbiased ratings technology brings to the whole crypto ecosystem. Investors and blockchain projects alike will be able to reap the rewards delivered by our totally automated ratings protocols, providing actionable data and a level playing field for all. `Empowerment via education is our passion.”

-Matthew Dixon, Founder & CEO of Evai

“UTU and Evai share a common belief in the need for transparent, honest, decentralized signals positioned to inform people’s decisions as soundly as possible, free from bias and manipulations. We provide highly complementary types of signal that will add tremendous value to each others’ platforms and users. This is why we’re so excited to partner with them to increase trust and inform better decisions across web 3.”

-Jason Eisen, Co-Founder and CEO of UTU

About Evai

Conceived and developed by leading economic researchers — headed by Professor of Finance Andros Gregoriou, a leading academic who has published over 120 academic research papers — Evai harnesses AI and machine learning to produce unbiased cryptoasset ratings at www.evai.io. The ratings provide short-term trading ratings, while an upcoming upgrade will identify long-term underlying value for each cryptoasset.

The EV asset is a utility token on BSC, which rewards holders via an innovative 5% tax, built into the tokenomics via smart contract, triggered anytime the token is bought or sold. The 5% tax is reflected back to the project, split into five key areas: 1% marketing, 1% rewards to all EV holders proportionate to holding, 1% development, 1% token burn, 1% to liquidity pools which supports the project up until token goes live on centralised exchanges, at which time the tax will cease.

Advanced level access to the Evai ratings will begin in Q2 2022 for $49 per month. Users will enjoy access to ratings on all leading assets and a range of other innovative features for up to half price when paid for in EV.

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About UTU

UTU is building the trust infrastructure of the internet to help users and platforms interact in a safer and more trustworthy way.

Starting with Web3 and DeFi apps, we provideAI-powered curation of trust signals from your network at just the right places and times to help you connect, send, swap, stake, and borrow with confidence.

UTU blockchain protocol transforms the economics of trust. You can Review-to-Earn with UTU Trust Token and monetize that trust you build with $UTU Coin. The UTU model pays you for building trust online, i.e. for helping others get good outcomes and ensures reputation can’t be bought or manipulated.

We believe in decentralization and privacy first. We are proudly based in Nairobi, Kenya with frens all over.

Learn more about us on our website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.




Bridging the gap between how we trust in the real world, and how we are asked to trust online. utu.io

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