The UTU Update — March 2022

TestNet Release

We launched Testnet! There is a lot of uptake, we have more than 2,350 people who connected their Twitter or Telegram so far, and more than 1,350 for whom some of their contacts like Twitter followers or TG contacts also connected.

Ocean Hybrid Social/CF Recommender

The AI team has made significant progress on the hybrid social/collaborative recommender system for Ocean Market, working with UTU’s interactive data, Wallet addresses, data tokens transactions, and data asset, as well as the relationships between the transactional data.

NFT Contest Winners

We announced the winners of our NFT Contest and were super encouraged by the large volume of participation. Read this blog post for information about the contest winners. We learned that when you give people the opportunity to contribute in the mediums and forms in which they excel, they eagerly do so. It was super fulfilling for us and inspired a lot of ideas for how we can create even more avenues of engagement for more people of varying skills and expertises.

Partnerships & Integrations



We’ve partnered with Qubism! Qubism is a cross-chain NFT marketplace where users can build their own 3D virtual reality (VR) art galleries. They will implement a super cool feature, where users can show their NFT collections in a 3D VR museum and directly sell their NFTs globally. Users will be able to customize their own galleries without coding skills.


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